Paralysis by Analysis

There is just so much out there these days when it comes to learning to code.  I keep hearing there is a shortage of programmers, but you wouldn’t think that with all the resources being built and advertised to teach anyone to code.

I will build a “Resources” page with this blog because others who come after me might find it helpful.

And I love organizing information.  I mean love it.  Give me a mess and all I see is all the fun I will have organizing it.  No joke.

Just since yesterday’s post here is what I have come across:

1.  Dash – learn to make websites with HTML/CSS/JavaScript (HT How to Hold a Pencil podcast)

2.  Again from HtHaP, Jennifer Dewalt built 180 websites in 180 days.  Wow!  She blogs about it here.  Can’t wait to dive in to that.

3.  I asked Reuben Ingber from HtHaP about other useful podcasts and almost immediately he gave me a few, including Novice No Longer.  Listened to the first podcast and it looks perfect for someone who wants to build their own app.  Which of course I do, along with 10 other things.  And thank you to Reuben for continuing to be awesome.

4.  I’m a big reader so I’ve started compiling a list of books to read.  One that caught my attention and held it after I read the introduction was “Learn to Program” by Chris Pine.  May have to swing by B&N on the way home.

5. is a cool looking realtime HTML/CSS editor.  Nathan Bashaw is the proud creator of it.  Another HtHaP interview btw.  Seriously, if you are starting out like me, listen to this podcast.

So yes, I will not want for information in my coding quest, but I need to decide on something and commit to it.

Front-end, back-end, what do I want to build, etc. etc.  I think I’m going to finish up Codecademy (PHP and JavaScript) and then pick one program and stick with it.  In the meantime I’ll continue my research to make sure my time and money is well spent.

I know after picking up golf and poker over the years I get addicted to learning, I just want to make sure I learn the “right” stuff at the right time.

More to come.


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