Learning to Code – Inspiration

Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.

-Jim Rohn

Sometimes all the fire and motivation in my learning to code journey seems to ebb.  It could be a long night taking care of our 9 month old son, it could be a rough day at the office or it could be just one of those days when I have a case of the Mondays (HT Office Space).

When I hit those rough patches it helps to take a quick break and find some coding inspiration.

If you are like me it just feels good to read about other people who were once in your position who learned how to code and are finding success in the industry.

Below are three links that I think will help anyone dream of better days and get back to the business of changing their life through learning how to code.

1.  Riley Hilliard – How I Learned to Code in 10 Months

I don’t remember how I came across Riley’s site, but his detailed explanation of how he learned to code is always motivating to me.  He talks like someone who cares about the success of others and is using his knowledge and skills to help those who are coming after him.  I’ve never met the guy, but I consider him an inspiration and role model.

2.  Joshua Kemp – How a Blacksmith Learned to Code

Imagine getting kicked by a horse and 9 months later getting a junior developer job.  Joshua Kemp did it and his story is not only inspiring, but full of helpful hints for those focusing on Ruby and Ruby on Rails.  Reading his blog almost makes me want to change my learning plan and jump ahead to Ruby.  Almost.

3.  Codecademy – Codecademy Stories

When I first found this page on Codecademy’s site I spent the time to read every single story.  Reading about people just like me who changed their lives by learning to code motivates me every single time.  I’ve also gotten into the habit of following other learning sites RSS feeds just so I can read stories like these.  I recommend you do the same so that when you need that burst of motivation you know where to look.

Those are just three of the sites I go to when I need some inspiration in my learning to code journey.  I plan on creating an Inspiration/Motivation page on my site so others can have a place to come when the motivation engine is running low on fuel.

In the meantime code on and if I can help in any way just reach out to me here or on Twitter at @feardatree.




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