About G

As of 2/13/14 –

I’m 41 years old.  I’m the Vice President of Operations for a cleantech start-up named Charge! Energy Storage that designs and builds advanced energy storage systems.

I graduated from college and blah blah blah…

I want to learn how to code.

My beautiful wife and I had our first baby this past September – He’s awesome – so between work and home and changing diapers I have little extra time.

And I love to read nonfiction.  I love it so much I have a blog at www.bookleverageblog.com.

But being limited in time is a good thing.  It focuses my efforts, it makes me enjoy the time I do have to pursue this dream and it ensures that what holds my interest is worth it.

And finally, I had someone tell me that I probably couldn’t teach myself how to code so I shouldn’t bother.

We will see won’t we.


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