Learning to Code Resources

Learning to code is everywhere.  Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York famously said he wanted to learn how to code.  We are constantly hearing that the software development field will continue to add thousands of jobs, but won’t have the supply to fill them.  And the money to be made in the technology field is not minimum wage.

So there is obviously demand.  And increasingly we are seeing the suppliers entering the market.  And by suppliers I mean companies built around the notion that web development, web design or whatever you want to call it, can be trained for in a relatively short amount of time.

Who needs a CS degree (computer science), when you can attend a 12 week “bootcamp” and come out with a junior developer job making $60 – $70K a year.

But what about the older market?  I constantly come across stories about why kids should learn to code.  Shoot, I want my son to learn when he gets old enough.

But what about me?  How do I, with a wife and child, a mortgage and all the commitments that come with being an older established family unit, learn to code?

If you are like me you hold a full-time job and when you are home you are taking care of family business and the thought that you could shell out $12,000 for a two to three month bootcamp is beyond comprehension.

If I had $12,000 laying around it either goes in the rainy day fund, pays down some credit card debt or goes into junior’s college fund.

So how do we learn?

Well I have one thing going for me.  When I want to learn something new it becomes my laser focus.  I need to learn everything I can.  And I love to read and study.  Add that together and you have a very motivated student.

So maybe I cut back on the TV (sorry Seinfeld and The Office reruns).  Maybe I get up earlier to sneak in some reading or study time.  Maybe I stay at the office a little later to watch a video or read a tutorial.

I might not have 12 weeks of 10 hours per day to become a web developer.  But 15 – 30 minutes over the course of years adds up.

So here is what I’m using  on this marathon and I hope it helps you finish your race as well.


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