Nobody Cares

I finished Ben Horowitz’s book The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers a few weeks ago.

I can usually judge a book by how many sections I highlighted.  1-10 highlights, just OK.  More than 30, great book.  I probably have 50 from this book.

One section that caught my eye was some advice Al Davis, one-time owner of the Oakland Raiders, gave a young Bill Parcells after Parcells told him he didn’t know how he could win with all the injuries he had on his team.

Davis told him, “Bill, nobody cares, just coach your team.”

Horowitz goes on:

That might be the best CEO advice ever.  Because, you see, nobody cares.  When things go wrong in your company, nobody cares.  The media don’t care, your investors don’t care, your board doesn’t care, your employees don’t care, and even your mama doesn’t care.  Nobody cares.  Because in the end, nobody cares; just run your company.

I’ve been sick the last few weeks, work is getting tough, this blog has suffered and most importantly I haven’t been working on my coding skills.

But nobody cares.

And that is OK, because I want to learn how to code, make this a great blog for those starting their coding journey, be great at my job and feel healthy for myself.

It’s OK that nobody cares, because I care.  And if I care enough to fix things and keep my eye on the long-term benefits of learning to code I’ll just see these past few weeks as a blip in my journey.

Just run my company.  And that company is me.