Learn to Code HTML & CSS

One issue I had when I first started learning how to code was where to begin.

To hear the old-timers tell it back in their day you didn’t have all these free resources and learning videos and electricity like we do now.

That may or may not be true, but having too many resources can deliver a set of problems just as frustrating as having too few.

In order to deliver some value to my millions of readers I’ll cover some of the resources that I’ve found the most helpful in my coding journey.

Your situation may be 180 degrees different from mine, but having limited time and money is a universal problem and these free and/or low-cost resources are perfect for those bootstrapping their own coding education.

One great resource I came across when I first started learning to code was Shay Howe’s Learn to Code HTML & CSS online tutorial.  I’m such an old-timer myself that when I read the lessons (they are all in text format) there were 10 lessons.  He has since added 2 new lessons for a total of 12.

The lessons are quick reads on different topics in HTML and CSS and are perfect to read during a work break or lunch hour.  And he includes helpful links at the end of every lesson for further study.

Once you finish the beginner module there is another module of 10 lessons on advanced HTML & CSS in Learn to Code Advanced HTML & CSS.

I just started this module but expect more great content from Shay.  I see he wrote a book as well called “Learn to Code HTML & CSS”.  That is what makes this community so great.  He has already delivered a ton of free, useful content and knowing his lessons are so beneficial makes me want to buy his book even more.

You can’t go wrong with reading these tutorials and they won’t cost you a dime other than a half hour here and there.

My learning style is to immerse myself in whatever skill I am learning and Shay’s HTML & CSS tutorials are a perfect fit as I began to make sense of the nuances in HTML and CSS.

Before you shell out any money for books, videos or any kind of learning technologies go old school and read the great content Shay has delivered.  You will not be disappointed.