Resistance is Futile

I read a great book a couple of years ago called The War of Art by Steven Pressfield.  In it he talks about Resistance.  He defines Resistance as anything that keeps us from achieving our dreams.

The beauty of his argument is that Resistance is not an exterior force, but all the thoughts, emotions and millions of excuses that we create ourselves that keep us from achieving our goals.

I thought about this book recently because I can feel the Resistance building in me when it comes to my learning to code journey.  I know enough HTML/CSS, web design best practices and even Javascript that I could technically build a website.  I’m not talking about a massive responsive design behemoth, but rather a small multi-page site that I would be proud of.

But I haven’t.

And I like to think that I have so much more to learn (I do) and with all my work, family and social commitments I can’t squeeze the time out of an already hectic schedule.

The reality is though that I’m afraid to build something and have it look amateur.  The truth is I am an amateur and until I build things (and break them?  No, I’ll leave that to FB), I will be doing myself a disservice by learning all these great skills and letting them atrophy and wither away.

I’ve learned three cool things in the last ten years.  Golf, poker and Crossfit.  All very different and all opened up new and exciting worlds to me.  But I wouldn’t have learned anything about any of them if I didn’t try.

A golfer who doesn’t golf isn’t a golfer.  And a coder who doesn’t code is what, a project manager?  Kidding.

So along with my regularly scheduled Treehouse and Codecademy lessons, and my reading sessions and my late night surfing of Medium, Zite and Feedly, I need to make the time to build.

A goal without a date is a dream and another chance for Resistance to win.  So by the end of this month (July 2014) I will have my personal site at up and ready to show off.

It’s time to Build!  Resistance is futile and I won’t let it or me stand in the way anymore.